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On Monday, April 18, 2011 1 comments

The gods and goddesses of Olympus have listened! I was so lucky to have been able to go to one of the most reputable management schools in the world the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) last April 15, 2011 let alone be in the presence of Mr. Gen Kanai the Director of Asia Business Development to talk about "Lessons from Mozilla" and how the global community created a popular free software for over 400 Million people worldwide!

Yes, take that out of your head now... I am in the presence of people from Mozilla; so I've got to listen since this is professionally in my niche. Management of people and communities is pretty hard and if the actual technological group that they have would involve millions of programmers, software engineers and computer enthusiasts; it would be information overload. We probably all use Mozilla and some add ons of it on our computers; and isn't it a great choice over the highly commercialized and overrated Internet Explorer? I personally love Beta 4.0 (the one I'm currently using) and they already have it tested and ready for release in a few months.

One of the key points that I liked is pushing "decision making procedures" to the edges.

Being Open source has a lot to do with Mozilla's success because the feedback and general work cut out for the browser and other software from the same company is made for and by people who joined the organization. This also includes bug reports, code releases and versions upon versions of the browser if a fix or two comes along. Managing these people would take a keen eye for those that can be accepted as fact and those which you just shrug off because it wouldn't work. Mr. Kanai showed us several people ranting off on issues regarding the famous browser and even if they (Mozilla) knew some of them (already) were just known issues they still listened to some of it since it made sense. The community they have plays an important role in where the project/software development was heading; and it is how these things converge without having conflict for all those who contributed in these projects. I can imagine if my inputs would just go to the bin if I felt that it would have made a difference and they just didn't take me seriously I'd probably be mad and call for a military junta. If they can do it with this management model they must have been doing something right. I'll try to employ it on the communities I manage and see if the outcome would turn out to be the same or relatively very different.

These are some of the things we got to touch on in very detailed examples throughout the talk with Mr. Gen Kanai.

While this talk was happening I had a few questions in mind. Good thing someone asked it for me... how do they finance operations in Mozilla? (which makes sense since they need to pay for CEO's, Directors and whatnot) he said it simply; that search engine Google played a big part of it since this defaults as their webpage every time the browser launches. The answer to the question every one asks though as to "What does Mozilla do?" is simple... they promote CHOICE and INNOVATION on the Internet. That does make them a better browser than anything I've seen; hence, I choose to stay with them too! =)

What make this organization unique is their standing Non-Profit status. If I owned a corporation this big I would have wanted to still earn something from it since in the real world (let's face it!) you need to get paid for what you work for. I'm very impressed though that they have kept it this way since the early time of browser wars and with nobody holding them down they are still doing great in spite of the joys and wonders of economic instability in the US and elsewhere in the world.

A realization: You can get a lot of ideas from the community and you should learn to listen to what they have to say no matter how small or preposterous it could be with other people.

Thank you so much to Asia Society Philippine Foundation Inc. and AIM for hosting the event.


About Asia Society "Asia Society is a non profit organization with a mission to promote understanding of Asia through education,lectures, films, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and travel- study tours." About Mr Gen Kanai "Mr. Gen Kanai is responsible for business development for Mozilla in Asia, community marketing and development. He was also part of the organization responsible for the launch of Technocrati Japan. He also worked for Sony Marketing of Japan, Sony Electronics, Inc., and Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc.among others."

To get in touch with Asia Society and their projects simply call (+632)7524374 and (+632)8108938 or visit their website at


On Sunday, April 17, 2011 0 comments

Networking giant Cisco has sent 550 pink slips this weekend to employees of FLIP Video, the most popular hand held video camera in the US. I own a couple of these and I am also shocked about this decision by John Chambers and his men but this is apparently the only thing they can do in this situation. The Flip hasn't been selling well in the US Market since a lot of competitors also ventured into the same gadget. The price difference is huge with Flip pegged at under 200 dollars and the profit from it wasn't as it was expected to be. Though I have been a huge Flip Ultra user these past few years, I thought they were stable and can provide after sales support. They didn't concentrate on providing so and the technical issues of each unit were piling up. The forum was their only channel and things like these can't be manually fixed. They usually throw it out if it is broken. Not a good investment even for a cheap camera.

As for where those employees will go, no one knows but since it did perform poorly this year I hope their decision to move the UMI into enterprise would bear something good. A lot of UMI users already know how expensive the unit is and with that bundled with Verizon or whatnot for connections it'll be hard to recuperate from the losses the already incurred. If money from this project would not increase this year. UMI might be the next one to say goodbye.

In the meantime.. here's John Chambers calling ducks inside the office... LOL


On Wednesday, March 9, 2011 1 comments

Cisco gave in and announced a new version of it's consumer grade UMI teleconference device. It was supposed to only cater to high end individuals but with dwindling sales and a great competitor by the name of LOGITECH the immediately released a 720p version, got their rates lower and made it work on lower bandwidth requirements. This has startled the network gurus of PC world and Engadget these past few days and they were all praises. Imagine how this would end up on people's living room in the next few years. The promos for partner Internet connection giants were also tempting prompting a great response from consumers in the US. They also had this service work across platforms such as their business grade teleconference services and Google.

People who have sampled this UMI technology just saw their favorite NBA superstars and did you see their reaction? Yeah it was like the person they were talking to was in the same room. This is the actual selling point of the UMI system and if they can deliver this pretty soon with no glitches it would earn the much needed money they invested in it making every Cisco shareholder happy.... your thoughts?!


On Wednesday, February 23, 2011 0 comments

So there goes my fascination with the Apple IPAD. I will never get that gadget since I have tried it numerous times and it just fell to the feel of a BIG ITOUCH and more expensive version of it. I need a tablet and was gearing towards the Samsung Galaxy a couple of days ago but when I saw this preview for the Blackberry Playbook I changed my mind BIGTIME!

I've been a blackberry user for a long time now and the deal is I've learned to love this RIM operated gadget. The thing boasts of a 7 inch display but can rival the best 1024×600 resolution money can buy. Small and compact; but very powerful... that is what I'd like it to be. I don't want anything complicated but just give me the WIFI or 3G-4G capability and I'm ready to go. The portability of it (since it is quite smaller than the IPAD) might have sold me this device but they say this will be sold to consumers this quarter (in the US) and the latter half of the year worldwide. If they finally switch to Windows7 just like Nokia then it would be not my cup of tea.

Mike Lazaridis CEO of Blackberry. Holding that gear in his hands!

Please release this one with a great price! Rumors say that it'll go for around 800 dollars too. That will be too expensive for me ugh! There will be a release of IPAD 2 also in the works which is rumored to be done on March 2 on their Apple event.

As for me I'll go for the galaxy, but if they release this with e different price point I'll go for the Blackberry Playbook.


On Thursday, October 7, 2010 0 comments

It looks like CISCO came out with the latest thing to hit the SOHO market and the called it UMI (pronounced as YOU + ME) which is intended for teleconferencing and reuniting families in their own home. This probably was intended for high end consumers but if all the connections would be upgraded as specified in their specs (which calls for 3.5MBPS) it would be a huge opportunity to see people in HD quality video. Using the TV as a medium in this case was smart and people can send and receive video calls like what we do with web conference technologies. It definitely would be great for home use but the not quite so good news is you have to shell out $599 plus $25 per month in order to get one by November. It is so special since most of them have thought they'll wait for talks between CISCO and SKYPE in the beginning; but since John Chambers announced its release this week... it looks like this promising technology will be at homes in the coming months. I expect this to be a little cheaper just like any console or device that depreciates once more people have it. Tie ups from Verizon FIOS customers and Geek Squad will also make this easier to handle if they customers need help (for tech support).

As for rumors that CISCO buying out SKYPE in this particular field, that maybe still in the works because this technology wouldn't be too far behind to be enjoyed by ordinary people at home. The best thing about it is that SKYPE is free. SKYPE just got their software revved up making the video clearer and the software lighter for the ordinary PC/laptop to handle.

This package includes a camera, TV set-top box and a remote control. You guys in the US better order now at I have it on my Christmas wish list now! =)


On Tuesday, August 31, 2010 0 comments

Web design is very complicated. Putting up a decent web site these days would take quite a while because you need to understand basic HTML codes and have the architecture fixed too. Planning the content, places to put the photos and videos are also a problem. This is crucial because it makes or breaks how the site would look like. This is the time where people should turn to places like the escort site and get with the professionals. I must say I am impressed at how they could get the process so easy for a beginner to understand. Never would you have to understand the codes; but by just merely moving widgets here and there you can put up your own professional looking web site in minutes. These are quite good features indeed!

For any industry to match the design they prefer, the site has dozens of templates available. The web masters can control what albums or videos they can get onto a page and how deep public access can be. Privacy is never compromised and escort web design makes sure of this. They have all the things a company needs to innovate and make their services presentable to the market they belong to. They can save a lot since making these usually cost thousands of dollars. Anyone can do this now and have the things they personally want on it. You can get one for free if you want one without paying a penny. It's just that easy! What more can you ask for right?!

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On 0 comments

This just in. It looks like Cisco is going to buy Skype. I really do not know of any perfect combination but the two right now. Cisco is investing on huge VOIP structures and is still the leader in Routers, Switches and Hub market. If the price to pay is going to be around 5 Billion then they could probably get this to the works soon. Skype was initially bought by Ebay a couple of years ago but was literally sold to the public like much of its wares. Skype did not earn a lot before hand but it is picking up slowly this year after the financial crisis. Cisco is currently using technologies such as WEBEX for meetings and video conferencing. This is one area that Skype may be able to transfer its consumers too. Even if there are only quite a number of people using the service, 8.1 Million subscribers for Skype Out is no joke. The rest uses their free service. If a lot of people harness this particular brand still, there will be a huge demand for VOIP structures which Cisco can benefit in. Cisco bought Pure Digital and Linksys a few years back in an attempt to penetrate the SOHO market. It is but a great investment if they can control this one too. Maybe Oprah can get into the groove once Skype and Cisco gets together. I'm sure her Video Streaming technology would WOW anyone if they saw what Webex can do too. It is after all professional and way better than Skype. If the technologies merge as expected, it will get more advertisement and space in this industry. Although one drawback is Cisco may have to battle it out with their current biggest customers like Verizon and AT&T.

I will be working with these people soon. I hope everything turns out right and get the Skype shares to double or triple the price. It would also be nice to buy stocks as early as now.


On Monday, June 14, 2010 0 comments

I think I need to learn a couple of tricks in video editing. I have been a fan of a couple of Filipino videographers and I haven't tapped this side of my brain since last year. I always did a video right after a photoshoot but I guess I was too busy. It's a very complicated field and I need to know the basics. I might consider enrolling in video editing classes when my weekends free up around late this year.

That and the Spanish languages lesson that I'm planning to also take hahah. I've got a lot of things on my list.

Video editing is like a package with photography and since I have been serious about fashion I have to take matters in my own hands and get me some of these lessons too. Catching up is going to be hard but I need it so bad that I am willing to pay for it. If Adobe would not be able to perform well to the specifications of my laptop, I'll get another one just so I could get better at it.

Who knows?! I might get my own studio soon with all the lights and strobes that I'm wishing for today. If I get to have this as my business then so be it. I'll have to concentrate on the least priced things to buy first. The high ticket items will follow soon. Strobes are going to be one of them. I hear Tay Hua has some which are affordable, I'm probably going to check that out and the quality. Ask around Phipho and DPP.


On Saturday, June 12, 2010 0 comments

Technology definitely saved me. I haven't been able to take care of minute details about my business dealings these past few months. I know it is tantamount to a success of a person to get what is needed for easy transactions; and we know how hard it is to go out of your way to get supplies and get the deal done in the same time. This has been a week of dilemma for me and I'll tell you why.

I went to a short meeting the other day with a former boss of mine who practically wanted my services since I did a good job working for him in the past. All the details were fixed and I did have a good time sharing stories on where I ended up these past few years. He did share some stories about the people I worked with in his office. There were some short rumors here and there for some of them that I needed to confirm. In short, I had a blast and a ton of laugh!

On a serious note we finished the details of the work being negotiated then he reached for his business card and gave one to me. I was startled and didn't talk for a few seconds because of all the time in the world that I needed to forget about something, I forgot to get business cards. It was another oh my god moment in such a long illustrious career. I was a little humiliated bar none.

Business Card Printing should have been easy and these are things that you can get on line. I should have known that in the first place. There are awesome companies like Face Media Group that got professional cards made for people like me. I got them to print accurate great looking ones and it was so awesome. I laughed alone in my room thinking that it would have been all good if I went to them first before I got into the business. I would have saved a lot and eliminate some of the stress behind it. Need I say more?!


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On Thursday, June 3, 2010 2 comments

I need a blackberry application that would be able to let me post through blogger via my blackberry. I am trying to check if Google has answers for me but apparently they don't have one yet. The option is to email the post through the email option on posting. I have been doing that in the past and it is not a viable procedure for me. I want to have a better way of doing it while mobile and it seems to me there are no plans by blackberry or the good people from crackberry too. It also needs to be free because people like me are in dire need of it!

I wish there was some special GPL code given to programmers so they can start modifying applications and engineer something that would work for people like me. I know there are millions of users that go through blogger but if they do not conform to the needs of mobile users this would definitely be a hindrance to the adaptability that blogger boasts since its start.

My blackberry will be my buddy in the next 2 years. Hopefully it doesn't die on me or a cooler touch phone would suffice in the market and sweep me off my feet with the perks. I don't want to pay for things that I don't need and so far the wifi capability of my Blackberry Curve is doing good.


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