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On Tuesday, May 5, 2009 15 comments

It's official! The Apple IPhone has now been overtaken in sales by the fabulous Blackberry Curve. During the release of the first quarter sales figures, the Curve has jumped to 15% in market shares while it sent the Apple IPhone dwindling 10% less this year.

This is probably caused by the major carriers Sprint, AT&T and Verizon higher sales of the unit and people holding their well earned money for the release of the new IPhone in the coming months. There are also huge purchases happening on Verizon because they currently have a buy one take one promo for the Blackberry Curve unit that sent their competitors back to drawing boards as they posted huge gains in subscribers over this first quarter too. They have this packaged and locked on subscription right now and people avail this one rather than going with the IPhone who also did not place on the top 5 smartphones in gross sales this first quarter.

After a few months, IPhone will announce the next generation IPhone that would probably be more faster, have higher storage and more web friendly. They will also be having more improvements on the touch screen technology as they embark on new units come in the latter half of the year. With this in mind, the prices of the older IPhone units will probably be lower in the Philippines too. Maybe by then I'll try and get one if the 2nd generation does not impress me much. I hope someone gives me their phones for free, my Nokia 6280 is ready to retire!


On Monday, May 4, 2009 2 comments

Here I am again back in the business reviewing gadgets and the day's demand only utters one thing... the T-Mobile 3G Sidekick LX. I have been looking for a phone that would suit my needs because my current one, the Nokia 6280 is begging to retire in a few weeks time. With all it's broken back casing that would cost around a thousand bucks to fix, I am considering to find a good replacement for it.

This new one from TMobile boasts of 3G and GPRS capabilities that can literally get you connected with your Facebook or Twitter accounts while on the go. I am into those right now but I would think about the hefty proce that comes along with this one. I don't think local Philippine Mobile companies would be doing much come it's Mayday release because it will be exclusive. If Globe or Smart did get this one, they probably would get this paid on a staggard basis much like the Apple IPhone which they released last year. Roughly around 40 thousand pesos for the initial payment is too much, so if this is going to be more than that I wonder if I could afford it. My card can but it would really be a burden to pay for it after a few months.

This phone has its qwerty keyboard that would probably get me a few weeks to get used to. I am a Nokia user since time in memorial so if this one is going to be my next phone, I hope it comes close to what I need today. I usually don't carry around my laptop computer so WIFI capability is a must. I did not see anything in the specifications that it has one. If that is the case then I won't even consider buying this one. The Nokia E Series has that capability and if this slim phone that can fit on my back pocket could not do that and only depend on 3G HSPDA connections, then it does not pass my requirements. I know the E90 is bulky but if this sidekick is too expensive and did not even think about connecting wirelessly, that is the way I will go.

The camera is weak, the swiveling display is too hard to handle, no wifi capability, headphones are too small spells all about this T-Mobile 3G Sidekick LX. I would think twice to buy one. I'd rather go with an IPhone or the Nokia E90 for connectivity needs. Kumag rates this 2 out of 5.


On Sunday, May 3, 2009 3 comments

Before you start wondering what is the way you can tackle spooler problems in your computer and where to turn for help, it is imperative that you have a clear idea of what exactly spooler means, knowing which you can better know what to do when so0me error issue threatens it. Spooler can be simply defined as a program that is used to control spooling that is, putting computer task commands on a queue and dealing with them one by one. Whatever operating system you may be using in your PC, you can be sure that it comes built with one or several spoolers.

A print spooler is a typical example where printing several documents simultaneously, the command is performed by putting the documents in a stack and the task is carried out one by one. An ideal print spooler allows you to change the order of documents that you sent to get printed and also cancel print jobs from the queue of documents. The easiest way to tackle spooler problem is to change the priority assigned to this function.

By default a Windows NT Workstation rates spooler service at 7 that is compatible with the other applications being run in your PC. You can change the priority level to 9 and solve spooler problems. However you are advised to do so only temporarily and only when you need to get some hefty task done quickly that is otherwise getting clogged at default spooler service priority because changing the rating permanently affects performance of other PC functions negatively in the long run.


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