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On Wednesday, September 24, 2008 0 comments

Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), DoS Attack Detection/Logging, Dropped Packet Log, Security Event Log, E-mail Log

Firewall is standard SOHO quality wise. Some vulnerabilities reported but fixed by current release of firmware.

40-bit (also called 64-bit), 128-bit, and 152-bit (802.11g only) WEP encryption, WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)

What? No WPA2 support at all? That's disappointing!

2 dBi
Power Adapter:
12 VDC

Average router antenna and power supply.

Physical Specifications:
Dimensions: 6.9 x 1.1 x 4.7 in (175.3 x 27.94 x 119.4 mm)
Weight: 0.3 kg (0.7 lb)

At 0.3 Kg this might be one of the lightest... but aesthetically it doesnt look that appealing.

NETGEAR 1-year warranty

Wireless G routers from other companies give 3 year warranty's... this is too short and dissapointing to consumers!

The only thing so far that I've seen okay is its metallic silver color. Really futuristic on that but it doesn't go well with the casing of the device. I think they took too much time placing the name instead of ample exhausts. Some reported heating problems on this router so we better research more about this. Watch out for the continuance on this router specs on my next post!

On Monday, September 22, 2008 1 comments

As part of my commitment to the geekier side of KUMAGCOW, I decided to separate these into a new blog called TechCOW... still has a cow on it huh?! hahah

Not to spoil anything, I'll be reviewing gadgets, gizmo's and whatnot on this blog to satisfy my hunger for knowledge and advancements...I'll tell you straight to the point on who's better and who's not... I don't want to sugarcoat anything of course! So here I go....

I'll try this company first called NETGEAR...

Netgear has been in the SOHO market for such a long time. Many have attested to its line of wired and wireless products that they may say "is the best" or "the best". I'll try out some of it here...This router has its sleek and shiny design that can be also held upright by stands which in most cases is not the best position because it can easily topple over tables and stands which mostly what people at home use. I saw different perspectives of the stand and it does not guarantee what its used for so it really is quite dangerous to do this... not to mention if you break it you'll continue to be agonizing over its price... check out ebay for cheaper ones...

Routing Protocols:
Static & Dynamic Routing with TCP/IP, VPN pass-through (IPSec, L2TP), NAT, PPTP, PPPoE, DHCP (client & server)

Application Support:
Works with most Internet gaming and instant messaging applications and applications that support UPnP for automatic Internet access

Automatically detects and configures your ISP type, Exposed Host (DMZ), MAC address authentication, URL content filtering, logs and e-mail alerts of Internet activity

Standards for a firewall router are the same as with competitors, I wonder what other things a fee based firmware would add to that list. I am not so sure about the email alerts because I've seen quite a number of forums that discusses this device's failure to perform this function... I'd rather have that tested first in the lab... The WGR614 looks impressive in paper but most users would not recommend this one... There are horror stories of course... I guess it will be an on and off thing like other routers... understandable because most SOHO routers have functionality problems... believe me I know one that has those things but I won't tell of course! ^_^

We can probably discuss its functions on my next blog entries since I have introduced this enough... we will be discussing netgear in the next few posts and take each of these apart so we'll know who the best one is... The functions of this one later... and yeah wait till we test out other brands as well... ^_^ I won't bash, I'll just say the truth on it! No nonsense reviews from me yah heard!

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