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On Saturday, February 27, 2010 0 comments

It looks like it is getting promising now. I am getting the FLIP anytime soon and I was initially contemplating what to get. The Flip Mino HD or the Flip Ultra HD. I have compared the pros and cons of getting them and it all boils down to what I need. What matters to me is what is more powerful. So I did check out their specs and scrutinized what would be better for my lifestyle. Storage is important. The FLIP Mino that I have seen was too small since it had 1.5 inch screen for viewing. Ultra HD had 2 inches so a point goes to that. It was too small too for my hand and only looks like a cellphone rather than a cam corder. I will get the Mino because of design and the way I can customize it. Both the MINO HD and ULTRA HD had 9.0 bit rate so both scored in that.

You know what made me choose the ULTRA HD?! It's Battery Time. The Flip Mino HD only had 2 hours worth of recording time and I need more than that. Ultra had 4.5 hours and not only because of that. UltraHD can use AA batteries so it was so nice we finally know what to get. =)

I am still waiting for what next gadget I am going to buy. =) Any suggestions guys?!


On Thursday, February 25, 2010 0 comments

I have heard of JOOMLA a lot of times before because some of my peers use their templates in web design. I must say that they use really good quality ones too because they end up using it for their own web sites or make them for a couple of friends in the business. JOOMLA has indeed made a mark in this industry. Today, I am going to let you in on this new site that they are putting up called JOOMLA BLISS. Web design Joomla Ottawa can help you make your current business sites be optimized for search engines here and around the world. This is a must for those who wish to be found in the Internet since a lot of people depend on services that are coursed through this medium.

A lot of people have already attested to what this company can do so make sure you drop by this Ottawa website design firm. There are endless opportunities and ways you can earn when getting customers via the World Wide Web and this company can help you put up your own or help your existing one get traffic. This is the only website design firm in Ottawa that you can count on. There are competitors but they have never been so identified with the industry since JOOMLA has been around for years. Joomla web design is the better choice so do not settle for anything less.

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On Wednesday, February 24, 2010 0 comments

It's a bigger chunk to the tablet market that Apple wants to conquer in the next few months. With the release of this new one, IPHONE and IPOD TOUCH users would be squabbling to sell their current gadget in exchange of this bigger one. But is it worth it?!

I did see the actual video of Steve Jobs declaring this as the next best thing since sliced bread. As a gadget freak I am thinking of buying one at a whopping 26,000 pesos from where I am at. The deal is, when I do they will in a couple of months show up with a second generation IPAD and probably make this first one obsolete. Did I mention that it does not have a camera on it?! You have to buy the separate ICAM and put it into the slot provided on the top of the IPAD. It looks like a big IPHONE or ITOUCH and feature wise I do not think it did much than its predecessors. I think this was just made to battle out the EBOOK which amazon has managed to rule in the past few years.

Did it fail to impress me?! Yes it did fail in some areas. But I was thinking this can be used by a market that wants to handle presentations, photography and sales because of it's size. This can also be a second wind to the netbook which never had that much storage. If the question is to buy this or not to buy... I guess it all depends on what you plan to use it for. As for me, it looks like I am not going to be able to use it for my own purpose. Probably if there would be something in it that could beat what I am using to edit pictures and blog then I would change my mind. But as for now, it is going to be a big NO. Sorry Apple, I am not that fond of Aperture!


On Saturday, February 20, 2010 2 comments

There are various advances in eye technology that people should look out for. Some are even engineered in ways that are totally incomprehensible to man but if you think about it these advances in medical and optometry technologies would do only one thing... make eye care outrageously expensive. What we can do to lessen this burden to ordinary consumers is the question every health department in every country should answer. Do you know that eyeglasses cost around three times as much in the last decade alone? There are a thousand reasons why but one of them is harboring the middle men when the eye wear reaches the market. For designer and prescription spectacles, most of them charge double the price which would make every one who needs it squirm a little when they need it. I know people who sometimes just buy it because they have no choice.

I am checking out this one!

I heard ZENNI OPTICAL has revolutionized the way this market works. Now they offer on line the same quality eye wear that everyone wishes to have at a fraction of the cost. How do they do this feat you ask?! That is easy because they simply have these gorgeous eye wear sold directly from the factory to the consumer. Eliminating the middle men was the best thing they have decided to do and now imagine they have eye glasses at $8 each. I read a review about it here by Eric and he made some sense about the whole market structure and the benefits of eliminating people in between. Some with the same quality would go up to $100 - $200 for designer brands so the best thing to do is take a look at their site and check out what they have for you. They have the lowest prices for the same frames you would get for fashion or prescription. Get one now!


On Thursday, February 18, 2010 0 comments

With the thousands of workers laid off since the global economic crunch happened, Yahoo is again cutting back on costs and one of the affected parts of their portal is Yahoo Tech. I have been an avid fan of this site since I put up this little geekier version of I know there are thousands of people who will be affected but I know things will be alright. I am just a little bit worried on where I will get specfications and high tech terminologies when my line of thought becomes too fixated and gibberish to the normal human brain. I wonder how would I feel if the points I already have on the system would just be gone, never to be used in any promotions that they will have in the future. I have read that they will just take it away without any compensation so isn't that going to be a little unfair to us consumers who made reviews on the gadgets they have on the site?! Yeah...I thought so too.

Well I think I am now going to settle less and spend more time in Yahoo Answers so I could answer life's weird questions. Their final say is that they will integrate it into Yahoo News which most of the time no one reads. I just hope they know what they are doing. In the long run if their articles and contributors suffer then they might go ahead and change their mind about it again. Hell they might get the Yahoo Tech back when they have enough money right?! Ha-ha!


On Wednesday, February 10, 2010 0 comments

Thousands upon thousands of Information Technology workers have been laid off last year and have been severely affected by the economic crisis. INTEL has closed shop in the Southern part of this country. ACER also gave in and closed down making around 2000 semiconductor workers jobless in the past year. It seems that everyone is having a hard time coping up with the greatest financial turmoil since the great depression; but I am optimistic that sooner or later we would all be alright. The US federal government has issued an awesome package of Real Estate Tax Benefit for first time home owners and a part of it for people who are upgrading their primary home of 5-8 years. You need to consecutively live on that lot in order to benefit from this plan. I also learned that this needs to be filed before April 30, 2010 before termination of credits happen. If I were you I would take this chance and grab the opportunity to file and get that $8,000.00 tax credit so you can at least start the recovery. Information Technology workers who just got back to their posts or got a new one must seize the opportunity and take advantage of the benefits the federal government has presented.

I also heard over the news that the US President compromised with the republicans and some of his democrats over the details of the stimulus package. He also did not pursue anymore some of the things he pointed out that he needs to get the country running again. He just made something better with what he has right now and I hope it is going to be sufficient once everything becomes normal. If there would be some glitches in the way, I think they will get to fix it faster now since GDP growth already increased. The other $6,500.00 tax credit for people who had their primary home sold after living there for 5 out of 8 consecutive years would be really beneficial. If they just prove their earnings are within the limits which the federal government indicated then they would be able to avail of this without any hitches. I also saw IPHONE applications make things easier for people who need this to get their life started all over again.


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I just arrived in the office to find out that my UPS is not functioning anymore. Actually I do not think its broken but its just that I could not power it up anymore because the power switch is broken. The files I have on my computer are important and I need it to work today, otherwise I would not be able to prepare reports and take a look at my projects online too. There is a specific installed tool that I need in my pc that would never be replicated when I share with others. Obviously I feel crippled all of a sudden. They need to fix it now or I would be wasting precious time. Hopefully that guy I just talked to over the phone fixes this now.

I am still in the waiting game but really this is becoming a nightmare and I am not doing my job yet. I just called the department who is in charge of these and got them to replace it right away. I hope this itON works as advertised. The APC UPS that I had before this worked but only a couple of minutes before it did shut down on me all of a sudden.

This device boasts of the following:

Auto Sleep Mode, Instant Restart, Power Protection (Duh! LOL), Smart Software support, Overload protection and alarm.

It looks promising but I bet I would not be using those software thingy's for it since it all boils down to its main purpose of keeping my power supply healthy at all times. The good utility even installed this for me. I will keep you up to date on what will happen with this one since the APC just gone kaput on me!


On Tuesday, February 9, 2010 0 comments

I have been a frustrated video geek via taking all my studio or fashion shoots, placed into a slide show and doing a short MTV for it for quite some time. With the multitude of people admiring my work I think it is high time to get pro and be aware of the opportunities that could get me to finance this very expensive hobby. I should retire my FLIP HD video recorder and get a more professional grade recorder for jobs that require the same. I am into documentaries too and it would be nice to show my craft and have it priced out so I can harness the limitless potential of this new hobby. I took an in depth look at and checked out how it can work to my advantage.

It is good to know that the site would be able to endorse your work once uploaded to different web and phone companies. They in turn would be able to show your video to end consumers who would like to view it. I felt it was something like pay per view or something to that extent. I would however get paid if my uploaded video gets its license purchased by the companies less the transaction fee the site would take away and it is very reasonable. I would like to try this as soon as I get my new ones made. By the way, I have my FLIP MINO HD and FLIP ULTRA HD so I could make the first short film I plan to do by next month. There is nothing better than the quality of HD right?! I hope my drama club background is sufficient enough for the production. Hope this becomes a big hit worldwide! The site is good and upfront. I like that a lot!


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It's high time that I get to review this gadget that I just recently acquired from Globe. This is the Blackberry Curve 8320. I know it was expensive but I was looking for a phone that would fit my busy lifestyle. I have on some instances needed a laptop when I am shooting (yes I am a photographer too) but since it was really heavy for me to bring that and the camera too, I went on and dreamed about owning a netbook too. The problem is I would be dealing with two notebook like gadgets around and that is still a burden, until this came along.

The Blackberry Curve 8320 has wifi capability. Not those crappy ones like in my Playstation Portable that could not even open up a page without the snail overtaking it. It only works on peer to peer play but unlike this phone, it works like a laptop on b/g speeds and has that page loading fast with Opera browsers. The built in browser usually takes a longer time to load html and with the Opera browser you can get more sites loaded obviously. The other thing is the provider here (Globe Telecom Inc.) is not really fond of supporting setting up accounts on the phone. I have called them several times and the people there do not even know a thing about the service. They promise you a lot of things but never get it working at all. I gave up and probably live with wifi connections instead of pushing data on GPRS or WAP.

I love the ease of pressing the qwerty keyboard on it but it takes quite a few days to get used to. I always pressed buttons with one hand on my phone Nokia 6280 but on this one you probably need around 2 to efficiently work. You will look like a geek pressing keys on a very small computer phone instantly.

I will be installing a few useful application and themes so I can get this to work smoothly. Yes I also bought a 4 gig memory card for it just in case the phone does not handle my files that easily in the coming weeks. Videos and pictures are coming soon. I will give this unit a try but with the pros and cons I will have to give this a three out of five TECHCOW points! =)


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