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On Wednesday, November 26, 2008 10 comments

I'm trying to choose between these two, what do you think would be better?! ^_^

I'm trying to look for a camera that would perfectly be MINE this Christmas. I plan to buy myself one because I know it's going to be a long shot if I wait for somebody else to take that chance to give me one that I'd appreciate. Professional DSLR cameras these days are expensive. I know because I've seen some of my friends invest in these ones and I don't want to hear a horror story of my own later on.

A couple of things I read over reviews talk about things to consider in buying a camera. A good place to start when thinking about buying a DSLR is obviously price. DSLRs price range to some quite affordable but lower end to extremely high prices at the professional end. I saw my friend once holding an 80,000 peso camera. I mean you can already buy a second hand car for that right?! O_O We need to set a budget to purchase early on but make sure that we need to consider other costs of owning one including "Lenses". Some offer ‘kit lenses’ but you should consider upgrading in the future because as far as I know there will come a time that we would need a better performing camera and lens. I'll probably end up envying other people's cameras if I take on this hobby seriously. Batteries which all models will come with one but if you are travelling you might need a spare, and you can't order that and bring Motolite with you right?! Memory Cards which some models come with one but most are inadequate in terms of size. My phone even has one at 1 Gig but that's even proving to be too small for large pixel shooting. Camera Bags which some sellers would throw one in but of course we can't expect a high quality ‘free’ bag by Louis Vuitton, they will probably give me one that also has their name on it to some extent that it's like a walking advertisement. DSLR cams are worth protecting - so I know we I need to invest in a good bag. Extended Warranty's would also be nice so if I find something wrong with my camera as a noob then I'd be able to get that back and let them fix it right?

Last would be the BRAND... I'm not brandish but of course there are only a few that professional photographers would trust if it came to crunch time choosing their cameras. I hope I get one before the end of the year.


On Thursday, November 13, 2008 4 comments


Just this evening, I was rummaging on my emails and of course the only thing we have installed on our office 2000 machines were all Microsoft Outlook 2002. I've setup some filters and rules so that some of my mails would go to a specific folder in IMAP webmail. Something different happened today when I opened up my PC. An error on the rules that I made popped up (to think I didn't change anything!) and indicated that rules I made were incorrect. When I hit the x button to opt out of that error... I was looking at a bare inbox... It only had about 7 new emails on it. O_O Whaaaa! 7 emails! wait... where is the rest of my emails? I had 200 MB worth of emails on my inbox... and now its GONE.... all GONE!

Important office emails, personal, files, bills... they were all gone with just one click of that error... I was wondering what happened with my mails. So I immediately rushed to our MIS people and asked around who can recover my emails... when they checked their system... Alas! Everything was lost! It indicated that I deleted the mails and purged it permanently... but I didn't... I swear!I didn't. Unfortunately I was given the sad news that I wouldn't be able to retrieve anything... I don't put anything locally on my drives so I practically lost about 4 and a half years worth of important documents... imagine what great day it is for me huh?!

I am now just moving on with what I have in my sent items... and what documents I have in our office shared drive. This is just not my day. Well, to get me in the mood to write I just got a new fixed signature for this site... it's a little creepy I know but its a start ^_^


On Tuesday, November 11, 2008 1 comments


Purenetworks is owned now by Cisco

Cisco the worldwide leader in WAN, LAN Networking Devices introduces an update in their propreitary software called Network Magic 5.0 Release.This software helps consumers and Networking pros easily setup, manage and secure their home network. It's a suite of network management software that makes anyone work like an IT professional.

The software is much like the Linksys' LELA which is bundled with their routers but this update for the Cisco line introduces more features:

* Connect and share content or a printer across a network
* Manage, monitor and control how computers on the network access the Internet
* Diagnose and repair connection and performance problems
* Optimize performance and reliability
* Track network history and usage through reporting capabilities
* Manage active connections and get status updates
* Control user access and help secure the network from intruders

The software makes home networking simple and easy to use. It's monitoring capability gives a new level of visibility for information they need to tell what users specifically are doing on the network. This also comes with Parental Control features that seems to me work much like AOL's free software.

Network Magic 5.0 is available for download now from, suggested retail price are as follows:

* Network Magic Essentials - $29.99
* Network Magic Pro - $49.99
* Network Magic for Mac Add-On - $25.00
* Network Magic Upgrades:
- From previous Network Magic versions to Network Magic Pro 5.0 - $24.99

These packages come with different capabilities from minor setups to advanced ones. Network Magic 5.0 is the first product to be released by Cisco as a result of its acquisition of Pure Networks earlier this year. A great tool for anybody who wants networking to be easy!

On Sunday, November 9, 2008 0 comments

I was one of the few millions who watched the release of the T-Mobile G1 Phone in both the US and UK market. A lot would have thought it would be nothing compared to iphone, but with the latest reviews if people who got their hand on the unit you'll surely be lining up the stores like them too.

From London to San Francisco this was a normal sight
Photo by

T-Mobile and Google promises that you'll experience the Web just like on your computer wherever you are with your T-Mobile G1. The browser and the new OS embedded on the phone makes your web experience fluid and natural by integrating it with other applications and features on your phone. Click on a phone number from a website, and your phone will dial it (much like skype huh?!). Save images from the web as wallpaper with a few clicks among other things. Software applications available too for free. This one did not disappoint me at all. I'll get my hands on these one of these days, its kinda expensive from where I am and probably would take more time unlocking things because this is tied up with a single provider. You should get one for Christmas too... *writes on wishlist* =)

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