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On Tuesday, August 31, 2010 0 comments

Web design is very complicated. Putting up a decent web site these days would take quite a while because you need to understand basic HTML codes and have the architecture fixed too. Planning the content, places to put the photos and videos are also a problem. This is crucial because it makes or breaks how the site would look like. This is the time where people should turn to places like the escort site and get with the professionals. I must say I am impressed at how they could get the process so easy for a beginner to understand. Never would you have to understand the codes; but by just merely moving widgets here and there you can put up your own professional looking web site in minutes. These are quite good features indeed!

For any industry to match the design they prefer, the site has dozens of templates available. The web masters can control what albums or videos they can get onto a page and how deep public access can be. Privacy is never compromised and escort web design makes sure of this. They have all the things a company needs to innovate and make their services presentable to the market they belong to. They can save a lot since making these usually cost thousands of dollars. Anyone can do this now and have the things they personally want on it. You can get one for free if you want one without paying a penny. It's just that easy! What more can you ask for right?!

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This just in. It looks like Cisco is going to buy Skype. I really do not know of any perfect combination but the two right now. Cisco is investing on huge VOIP structures and is still the leader in Routers, Switches and Hub market. If the price to pay is going to be around 5 Billion then they could probably get this to the works soon. Skype was initially bought by Ebay a couple of years ago but was literally sold to the public like much of its wares. Skype did not earn a lot before hand but it is picking up slowly this year after the financial crisis. Cisco is currently using technologies such as WEBEX for meetings and video conferencing. This is one area that Skype may be able to transfer its consumers too. Even if there are only quite a number of people using the service, 8.1 Million subscribers for Skype Out is no joke. The rest uses their free service. If a lot of people harness this particular brand still, there will be a huge demand for VOIP structures which Cisco can benefit in. Cisco bought Pure Digital and Linksys a few years back in an attempt to penetrate the SOHO market. It is but a great investment if they can control this one too. Maybe Oprah can get into the groove once Skype and Cisco gets together. I'm sure her Video Streaming technology would WOW anyone if they saw what Webex can do too. It is after all professional and way better than Skype. If the technologies merge as expected, it will get more advertisement and space in this industry. Although one drawback is Cisco may have to battle it out with their current biggest customers like Verizon and AT&T.

I will be working with these people soon. I hope everything turns out right and get the Skype shares to double or triple the price. It would also be nice to buy stocks as early as now.


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