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On Thursday, October 9, 2008 1 comments

The Blackberry Storm; You know you wanna have it for Christmas! ^_^

Hey! Guess what! I just read off a threat to Apple's IPHONE domination of the market. The new BLACKBERRY STORM is now checking in on the optimized touch screen technology that IPHONES already have. What big news for Blackberry lovers!

They promise a touch-screen phone that puts a new twist on the technology. Research in Motion Limited is the company that makes the Blackberry. In this new endeavor that they plan to undertake, they will still be employing the well known trademark e-mail-oriented phones with large keypads. Rumors say though that they will eventually give this up and settle for a larger screen once released. Improvements over IPHONE designs also will be implemented like the Storm's whole screen being backed by springs, and when pressed it will give in like a hot knife on butter... lolz kidding!

This device will be released by Verizon Wireless in the U.S. and from Vodafone Group PLC overseas. Once they do, they will also incorporate roaming capability that did not suffice when they released the former ones since they have different systems. Only AT&T had this service available. Storm more closely is like the desktop more than the iPhone does with its browser. That's because the touchscreen technology applied to it can distinguish between light touches and firm presses. A light touch can move around a cursor, while a firm press activates a link, much like moving a mouse cursor has a different effect from clicking a mouse button. Now isn't that just nice?

I just can't wait until this hits the market and I'll get one!

On Monday, October 6, 2008 1 comments

TiVo much happier with the ruling and all the MOOOLAH they would get! ^_^

The Supreme court withheld the ruling of lower courts over the $74 million judgment against Dish Network Corp. for the patent violation againts TiVo Inc. They did not even comment on Dish Network's Appeal. Dish btw is the former Echostar Corporation that had softwares on it's DVR that had its structure and functions done the same as with Tivo. Now the company is going to find ways it would pay TIVO back. This ruling though had reversed the ruling of hardware infringement and only considers the software part of it. I know some people who work for Dish Network and if this is the case then they might be the ones greatly affected by this case. Their current customers however was assured by Dish Network that they would not be affected since they now have their own software that does not violate the federal governments standards. I just wish the corporation I know does not lose this account. It's the patent that mattered in this case... so advise to everyone, don't try it at all if its not yours okay? ^_^

On Sunday, October 5, 2008 0 comments

Well, its finally here! Globe has released the pricelist for the famous IPHONE in the 3G market and will be starting around 41K Philippine Pesos. This would probably not cater to the ordinary Filipino since it is waaaay expensive. It costs too much compared to the IPHONE from the US which is around $199 for the 8GB model and $299 for the 16 GB. Its even locked for 2 years I think so you are going to be stuck with the expensiveness that long. It has like free 500 pesos worth of load for five months I think which is still way off the mark. Take a look at it yourself... Here's a brochure!

Good luck to whoever wants to purchase this one! Its a huge disappointment for prepaid subscribers which Globe initially planned to market this as press released. This is for the wealthy ya heard! ^_^ I won't buy this, I'll wait for a better one!

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